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Not surprisingly I did a video.  You can see it here.

And here is the script:

Hi.  My name is Paul Lewis.  I want to tell you about an exciting new web site and business called TV Talent Coach-dot-com.

Quite simply, TV News Talent Coach will help you become the best reporter or anchor you can be.

If you’re ready to put in some time and effort—to invest in yourself—I will work together with you to give you the tools to become a confident, passionate and effective storyteller.

I see three main audiences for this website and business:

-Broadcast journalism college students who will soon graduate and look for employment,

-Young working journalists hoping to move to the next level,

-and print reporters who are learning how to tell video news stories.

If you’re in your junior or senior year of college or in a graduate program, TV News Talent Coach is for you!  You–and your parents–have invested perhaps as much as $200,000 on your education.

Don’t cheap out now!  Now is the time to top it off with practical advise from a veteran News Director who has hired more than 100 people.

You might ask: Why do I need TVNewsTalentCoach.com when I have my professors who are critiquing my work?

Let’s be honest…when was the last time your professors were actually in a newsroom?  How many reporters and anchors have they hired?  Some will be great, but if you are really committed to making it in this business make just a small investment in yourself through TVNewsTalentCoach.com.

You’ll get brutally honest feedback and practical tips that will help you hone your skills.  You’ll see a dramatic improvement quickly and you will be ready to search for–and find–your first job.

If you’ve already got two or three years under your belt or even 10 or 12 years, and you’re ready to move to the next level but can’t seem to make it happen, TV News Talent Coach is for you!  Sometimes it takes an outside eye to identify just a few things that will elevate your performance.  If you’re a seasoned veteran you know that sometimes you just need a little inspiration.

You also know that virtually every station has slashed its budget.  The few stations that used to have formal talent coaching just don’t do it anymore.  The bottom line is it’s up to you to invest in yourself.   I’ll work with you to maximize your skills.  I’ve got a proven track record of success.

If you’re a print reporter, struggling with new demands to tell your stories with video on your website, it can be a daunting adventure.  It’s not what you signed up for but you know you’ve got to do it to keep your job in a shrinking industry.  The good news is it’s not brain surgery.  It’s not easy but there are things you can do to make your video stories more effective.  I can show you how.

So what will the website be?  First of all, it will be simple and easy to navigate with just a few pages.

On the “About” page, I’ll talk about my background.  I’ve been a broadcast journalist for more than 30 years.  I’m proud to say I’ve won a boatload of awards, from

A-P awards to Emmys to a Peabody.  I’ve been a News Director since 1996, so I know what News Directors are looking for when they hire reporters and anchors.  I know what it takes to stand out and I can get you there.

Can you get Talent coaching elsewhere?  Sure.  But most of the time it’s either very expensive or it’s offered by talent agents—many of them lawyers—who are really focused on finding you a job so they can take 6 or 8 percent of your salary as commission.  I’m not a talent agent and don’t want to be.  I’m just a News guy who loves the business can make you better at your craft.

On the “How It Works” page I’ll lay out the simple process.

Send me your DVD or links to where you’ve posted your work.  I’ll review it and we’ll set up a meeting by Skype.

Telephone conversations are OK, but I want to see your face and you’ll want to see mine as we drill down on your work.  I can have you read scripts and practice stand ups all by Skype.  I’ll send you off with concrete suggestions and you’ll put them into practice on your next piece.  We’ll meet again by Skype to review your next piece and I’m telling you will see an improvement.

So how much is all this going to cost?

Just 100 dollars.  That’s right, only a hundred bucks for a review and two Skype meetings.

I’m pricing it so low because I know students and young reporters don’t have a lot of excess cash lying around.  Think of where you throw away 100 bucks—a couple of nights at the bars, video games, whatever.

Isn’t it worth this small investment in yourself?

You’ll be able to see testimonials from several reporters and anchors from around the country who will talk about the value of my coaching.  These reporters are in medium and large markets like Hartford, Albany, Kansas City, and Philadelphia.

TVNews Talent Coach.com will also have dozens of links to other industry websites and a blog where I will comment on current issues, trends and challenges arising about broadcast journalism.

Getting people to this site will take some work, but I am pretty well plugged into the industry and will spread the word of this new site by contacting my friends and colleagues at industry newsletters and blogs and Facebook when it is launched.  I will also work with a network of journalism faculty around the country and use my extensive contacts in the print world to spread the word of -my new service.

TVNewsTalent Coach.com will provide a service that is sorely needed at an incredibly affordable rate.


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